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It doesn't matter what stage of development your business has attained there is always a strategy for further growth and development. It can happen using proven and tested strategies and tactics.

It doesn't matter what stage of development your business has attained there is always a strategy for further growth and development. It can happen using proven and tested strategies and tactics.

In order to do this sometimes you need help. A business Mentor/Coach can help you develop strategies and tactics to enable you to grow your business and your profits.

Your Mentor/Coach does not need to be someone working in your business, or even someone that knows a great deal about it. They just need to be someone who offers a fresh perspective to your work, someone who understands that what matters to you is achieving your own vision.  A Mentor/Coach is someone who is able to bring different ideas, information and experience to the discussion. It is not a sign of weakness to adopt a Mentor/Coach, it shows you are open to new ideas and the ongoing development of your skills.

Anthony Tinsley is a published author and business Mentor/Coach who works with businesses to grow using his “five major profit centres for a business” formula.  Based on experience working with small businesses he knows that by making small changes to each profit centre makes a huge impact on the overall performance of your business resulting in an increase in profitability.

Each profit centre represents an area for business growth and an opportunity to increase revenue.  By reviewing each profit centre during the development of a business and making constructive and measurable changes ensures business growth. There are a plethora of innovative ideas for each profit centre that a business owner can adopt to make a difference to their performance and profitability.

Anthony believes that by taking many small steps in the right direction a business will make a mighty leap forward. He helps businesses sort out the Facts from the Myths of business growth.

He also provides tools to a business owner via his online library of Marketing Tools and Resources that includes over £1 million in Proven and Tested Slogans and Adverts for a plethora of different business genres.

Please get in touch if you think you might benefit from some mentoring, coaching and/or the online e-learning tools/resources giving you weekly emails and access to lots of online videos and documents.

Case Study
I have mentored many business owners but never engaged one for myself. Working with Anthony has been a great decision. He keeps me accountable and focused. In addition, the online educational resources, tools and templates are really useful. I almost feel I am doing another business degree. Great value. Highly recommended.

Elaine Godley: Healthwatchers UK,


Other business development/coaching services offered in partneship include:


Business and Occupational Psychology


We use proven tools and techniques based on years of study and practical experience in the psychology of people at work. We make sure that they are proven to be effective and apply them in language that staff in our clients can understand, because we have found that people have to see some practical benefit before they are prepared to take the risk of experimenting. Psychometrics, coaching processes, assessment techniques and Positive Psychology tools such as Appreciative Inquiry are examples of tools that we utilise regularly.


Business Coaching


We have coached literally thousands of people and teams over twenty years in this field. We believe that everyone in an organisation can benefit from the focussed support of experienced coaches, particularly where they are also encouraged to connect their plans with each other and to apply the coaching techniques they learn to their own working practices. We guarantee to bring real insight and practical focus to our our clients, using a variety of methods and tools with but one aim in mind – to help people make a practical difference to their well being and performance at work through making positive changes to their behaviour. We know it only takes one spark to start a fire and that effective coaching has a contagious, viral effect and creates exponential performance increases as colleagues respond to new behaviours.



Leadership and Management Development


We design and deliver well received leadership programmes with a range of strategic partners including IMD, UWIC, NLIAH and PSMW. Our programmes focus on what participants can do rather than helping them to become theory experts. We use a carefully combined range of experiential learning approaches to generate practical outcomes, including master classes, expert witness inputs, case studies, action learning and personal coaching for all participants. Our aim is to promote sustainable development that makes a difference in the workplace quickly – and goes on doing so long after we are gone. Since we know dependency is not sustainable, we focus on encouraging and challenging individuals and teams to develop their personal capabilities and those of their staff, reviewing operating methods and business processes collaboratively to promote sensible and positive transformation.




With over 20 years of experience of working with groups, we are regularly asked to help in situations where skilled facilitation is needed. We have created effective outcomes with small teams, and for groups with over 100 participants. We also provide training for facilitators who want to reflect on their values, develop their practical experience and build sustainable techniques rather than simply adding a few more tricks and tools to their repertoire. Participants in our training events report that they achieved much more than they anticipated, because we ask them to go through exactly what their own clients experience at their hands – the fear of exposure, challenge of creating trust and overcoming personal and organisational barriers to collaboration.



Organisation Development and Change Leadership


We apply systems thinking to solve organisation problems, in the belief that too many so called solutions treat the symptoms rather than the underlying causes, wasting time and money and leading to partial solutions at best. Organisations are complex, because they are made up of people. As a result, organisation development is not an exact science based on logic, cause and effect or the latest ‘hot’ business book. If it was that easy there would be no need to have so many consultants in the world! We believe that there are some simple ‘universal truths’ that can be applied to how the very best organisations work. In applying these values and principles, we use a range of tools such as systems thinking, complexity theory and positive psychology to co-produce innovative solutions, unique to each client, that enable them to align around key issues and outcomes. Our aim is to help them reflect on the alignment of their purpose, culture and capabilities to deliver business outcomes in an increasingly complex and collaborative world.